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  • I would highly recommend! Doctors and staff are friendly and very thorough. I work a labor intensive job and have suffered from lower back pain and knee pain. My back is feeling great and I am able to run again without knee pain. Thank you!

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  • The customer service is second to none. As a carrier I came in with a lot of pain and they completely fixed me and up and was out the same day. Also with being short notice with the appointment. They got me in the same day I called.

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  • The detailed treatment plan helped resolve my neck pain and migraines, thank you!! I love how they are so dedicated to getting you well and keeping you on track to stay well. I wish other offices put as much care and compassion into everything they do as much as you guys.

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  • I've never been to a chiropractor before, I'd always had a little anxiety about having my joints cracked. Not only did the entire staff do everything they could to reassure me about the process, they also laughed along with my sense of humor and made the entire visit fun. I will not be seeking any other office as this place makes you feel like a friend rather than just a patient. Not to mention the instant and continued pain relief I feel after each visit, so go for yourself and don't wait and let the pain become worse. Take the leap into their hands if you're on the fence about anything chiropractic. A side benefit is they sell an awesome pillow 😏

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  • This office is fantastic! The staff and doctors are all incredibly friendly and helpful. I have been dealing with recurring back pain for over a year and was not getting any relief from another office I had been going to. Coming here, the doctors took X-rays and immediately targeted my issues. A comprehensive care plan has been established so I can get relief and remain pain free. The office is very family friendly and also does a fantastic job adjusting children. Would 100% recommend!

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  • Dr. Lundgren is the first and only Chiropractor I have ever been to. I was suffering from back pain that I thought was “normal” until I got adjusted for the first time. Within a few days, I was completely relieved of my pain and really knew what “normal” felt like. I am sleeping better and I feel more energized throughout the day.

    I highly recommend friends and family to visit this office. You will not be disappointed! The office is beautiful and offers a relaxing atmosphere and the staff is the best around the Quad Cities!

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  • I had pain in my lower back and hip area. I completed my treatment plan that Dr. Lundgren prescribed and I am fully recovered! I will recommend it to all my family and friends!

    - Carole B.
  • I had a car wreck and was hit on the drivers side. This caused me neck and back pain. After seeing Dr. Lundgren, I no longer have neck pain and am able to move my neck better than before! My back pain is getting better all the time too.

    - Willie A.
  • I had an extreme pain in my lower back which prevented me from walking more than 2 blocks or sitting straight up in a chair at all. That stopped me from physical exercise and made it close to impossible to sit at my desk for 8 hours. I’m young and healthy so this was a very scary feeling and painful situation.

    Before even touching me at all, they did a full exam of the painful area with x-rays. Once they saw the situation, they explained my issue, reassured me they could fix it back to normal and they did. I was treated with adjustments and educated me on maintaining my back. It was awesome! In 24 hours I was pain free! They even followed up for reassurance that I was healed.

    *Great Staff!!

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  • My daughter came to this office because an x-ray showed serious damage to an injury she had when she was 2 years old. Her coordination was off and she was constantly falling. Her behavior was a little wild and I was considering medication. She also has asthma as I was told chiropractic could improve that as well.

    After about 4 weeks of chiro care, her behavior has calmed some. I no longer feel she needs meds. She hasn’t fallen in quite some time. Even family has commented on her behavior improvement. She takes breathing treatments 3 times a day but since getting chiro care, her treatment has decreased some. With further care, she may need less still!

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  • I came to this office on a referral.

    They have helped me out a lot! They are the best in the QC! They help in many ways, not only in adjustments but exercises to do at home, where most people don’t even suggest. I believe these help you recover faster. Some offices just have you come back and back with no end in sight.

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